Author: mike ahuja

What Is The Best Time to Clean Between Your Teeth—Before or After Brushing?

When it comes to oral hygiene, brushing your teeth twice a day is just the beginning. To maintain good dental health, you also need to clean between your teeth. But what’s the best time to do it? Should you floss or use interdental brushes before or after brushing your teeth? In this post, we’ll explore […]

CBD And Dental Care For Your Gums

CBD and dental care for your gums can be a beneficial additive to one’s oral hygiene routine. CBD oil, when used following dental procedures, has been shown to aid in reducing inflammation and promote better oral health. In addition, studies have suggested that CBD oils may provide some benefit in the event of dental surgery […]


Chewing Gum is Healthy for Teeth and Gums — Prevents Cavities Medical studies have proven that chewing sugarfree gum for 20 minutes following meals can help prevent tooth decay. The chewing of sugar free gum increases the amount of saliva, which washes and pushes away food and other particles, neutralizing and breaking down acids produced […]